Welcome to Sew Cute Clothing Co.

I am sew happy you are here!

At SCC Co. handmade clothing isn't just about the fabric or the making of the item but it is about the heart that goes into each piece. The stitch that goes from one part of the item to another. The finished look of the product. It is about the pride that is taken within the making of something that will be a part of your memories.

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  • Meet the maker

    Hello! I am sew happy you are here!

    My name is Elena, and I am the owner of this one-mama shop. Sew Cute Clothing was sparked in 2020 during COVID, with the desire to provide for my children and create new things for them. An interest turned into a hobby, which turned into a passion. It brings me such happiness each and every day to be able to be apart of creating pieces that become not only a part of your wardrobe but your memories. The excitement to see everything come to life is beyond what words can explain.

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    When you support a hand maker you are buying more than just a product. You are buying their hours of failures and celebrations of success. You are buying their sleepness nights, anticpated excitement of new item launches, all their frustations and joys. You aren't just buying a product, your buying a piece of their heart, part of their soul, and a moment of someone's life! Thank you for all your support, it means everything!