In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of placing an order on our website. Follow these step-by-step instructions to select the perfect clothing items. Let's get started!

  • Step 1:

    Select the print/fabric you’re interested in. Read all product information. Each print has a drop down menu starting with the styles available for that specific drop. Choose the clothing type you're interested in, such as Basic Tee, Play shorts, etc. Click to proceed.

  • Step 2:

    Choose the Desired Styles Within the selected clothing category, browse through the available styles. For example, if you chose Basic Tee, you might find options like Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve. Click on the desired style to continue .

  • Step 3:

    Choose the Size, it's time to specify the size. Most SCC Co. items tend to fit TTS. However, the majority of patterns use different measurements and it is important to base your size off of your child’s measurements. Please reference size charts in our VIP album located here! Feel free to ask me any questions on sizing at, as I am always more than happy to answer any questions.
    Once confirmed, select the appropriate size option for your clothing item. Click on the chosen size to proceed.

  • Step 4:

    Review and Add to Cart Once you have selected all required options.

  • Step 5:

    Checkout and Complete the Order After adding the item to your cart, you will be redirected to the checkout page. Here, you will need to provide necessary details to complete your order. This typically includes your shipping address, contact information, and payment method.

    Fill out all the required fields accurately, and double-check the information for any errors. If you have any discount codes input them, if you choose to make requests on your order there is a notes section at checkout- please note anything that will incur a charge will not be fulfilled UNLESS you message me to update your invoice.

    Once you have reviewed and confirmed all the information, click on the "Place Order" or "Submit Order" button to finalize your purchase.